About Us

Whilst there are a number of CRM solutions available, Edubee has been designed from the ground up with Education Agents / Consultants in mind.

Why Edubee for Education Consultants?

Founded in 2016, Edubee identified a gap in the International Education software market and wanted to fix it. Since its establishment, Edubee has grown from strength to strength with offices in both Seoul, Korea and Melbourne, Australia catering to our happy customers.

Edubee is more than just another expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or Student Administration platform for saving Excel spreadsheets, filing notes and saving email. With this is mind, Edubee has been developed as an inexpensive software solution provides our customers with a fully featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, with practical add-ons such as;

  • Students Counseling
  • School Management
  • Visa & School Application Management
  • Finance Management
  • Document Management
  • Sub-agent Management; and 
  • Management Reporting

Edubee has been developed with International Education in mind and WILL increase the productivity of staff, provide management overview capability whilst enabling you to drive student acquisition and increase profit.


Our production datacentre uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Sydney.


Automate the entire business and managing systems.


Edubee is an Affordable and easy-to-use database platform.

How Edubee can help?

Edubee will help you to both connect with your customers on a deeper level and to provide you with a tool to successfully manage your business. Edubee will empower you to;

  • Find, develop and close more business
  • Connect with your customer
  • Increase student loyalty and retention

Adding to the success of Edubee’s International Student and Education Management systems, Edubee is in the process of adding to our already great products, enabling organisations to offer more to their customers.

We Have One Goal

Empower Education Agent Managment
for small to big organisations

Our Vision

“Passionate about transiting companies to paperless”

Our goal is to improve all our Education Agent partners’ experience through innovative technology. As a software company, we have a passion for the education agent system, but mostly for making a difference in the lives and client(student), the motivation and influence of counselors, and the operations and management of administrators.

Our Mission

“Focus on students, leave the rest to us”

We strive to build Education solutions that will allow our clients to focus on core business. Edubee sees a business world where processes are automated, risks are managed, customers are satisfied. Let’s build this world together!
The development processes are designed to bring business values as effectively as you expect. Our expertise in various CRM technology is combined with a quality-driven delivery model — they together allow us to overcome challenges and needs facing your business.
Deliver high-quality solution on time, on scope, on budget.

Working together is better

Edubee was born out of necessity for the problems I encountered over the years as an education fellow. The idea for Edubee came to me when I was a marketing director. After, working with different technologies and agent management systems, I realized that none of them were comprehensive enough for counselor, student and managing director side.
We’re on a mission to use the latest cutting edge technologies to help education agents run more efficiently and step to higher quality of service. Our goal is to make sure that we’re meeting your needs and expectations in agent management, and work continuously to improve your experience with Edubee.
If you need any help at all, or have any questions, we here at Edubee would love to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Selena LEE